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As Seen on Univision TV

Paranormal Bad Boys – Ghost hunters of Florida

Founded in 2008, Team Phenomenon, aka Paranormal Bad Boys . The Ghost hunters of Florida, started their journey documenting the realm of the spirit world. For almost 12 years they traveled across the state and beyond. Their intent was to focus on investigating claims of rumored paranormal activity.  It was these years of experience that granted them exclusive access to places un-imagined. To locations shrouded by mystery, history, folklore and legend. Historic places that challenged their minds, faith  and what they were taught to believe.

Since 2009, Paranormal Bad Boys – Ghost hunters of Florida have filmed with Univision TV  numerous times. The team was considered by the network to be professional, established and above all honorable in their endeavors.  So much so that they filmed with Paranormal Bad Boys on eight different occasions with more to come. The future is bright for the bad boys as they are now back with a vengeance. Fueled by their commitment, devotion, focus and an unbreakable bond,  there is nothing that they cannot accomplish.

As of currently, the Paranormal Bad Boys are now in production to release a series films, segments and short videos on the paranormal. The journey that yet awaits them within the realm of the unknown is still yet to be known.

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