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Founded in 2008, Team Phenomenon, a professional paranormal investigative team base out of Florida, started their journey documenting the realm of the spirit world. For almost 12 years they traveled across the state and beyond, focusing their attention on investigating and/or debunking claims of such said paranormal activity.  It was these adventures that granted them exclusive access to places unimagined, to locations shrouded by mystery, history, folklore and legend.

The team was relentless and driven, fueled by the thrill of the chase and the hunger for knowledge. Their members were bonded by devotion, commitment, respect and love for one another and the job they were assigned to do. They were motivated and focused with one objective in mind, and that was solving the case at hand. Sadly however their adventures came to a screeching halt in 2015 and the team disbanded, but unofficially continued investigating. Their friendships and bond was unbreakable throughout all these years.

Now in 2019, the team returns under their Paranormal Bad Boys brand to catch up where they left off, and to finish the work they had long ago started. Partnering with P.R.I.S.M Paranormal Research of South Florida, and in collaboration with a crew of experienced paranormal veterans and film makers. Paranormal Bad Boys return to document, film, produce and release footage and photos of their new adventures in the Florida state and abroad.

In conclusion all they ask is that people have an open mind. It is your prerogative, your decision to either believe their findings or not. They are not here to change your mind nor your thoughts. They are only here to share their experiences and their findings with the world, and to be as transparent as they can be.

No drama, no games, only results!