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Services We Provide

Reputable Professionals, with over 100 cases under our belt. We hold the most extensive Historic Portfolio of paranormal investigations in state of Florida. Our members are friendly, discreet and respect client confidentiality. We only post what our clients allow us to post, we will never portray anyone in a bad light and respect every location.

* We specialize in filming, documenting and investigating Historic Haunted locations.
* We are available for TV, film, Podcasts and/or Radio Interviews
* Free Consultation always as we never charge for our services.
* We are committed to the project and take what we do quite seriously
* We do not partake of drama, gossip or hearsay.
* We investigate locations with the intent of either validating or debunking paranormal claims.
* We are not a novelty act and will take no part of conferences
* We have no issue making an appearance for educational purposes.